Why Saazle ?

Clever  Faster  Cheaper  Stronger


When document automation is in place, it usually just works.
Then people tend to forget how things are working, it is getting more and more difficult to maintain competencies internally for what represents a fraction of FTE, and when all the knowledge has gone… then you are in trouble.

With Saazle, maintaining a local expertise is no more critical, because the expertise is always there. Actually, it has never been closer.


Ever experience this endless deployment, where your software version is already obsolete at go-live ?
This is actually quite common… As the world is moving fast, businesses need to adapt constantly, and it’s more and more difficult to manage this using legacy technology.

With Saazle you get access to genuinely cloud enterprise SaaS, the only thing to do is consuming it, with the smallest possible integration effort, so implementing has never been faster.

And because you can’t afford wasting time, Saazle solutions are designed with minimum delays and maximum performance in mind, so you may not even notice they are not run locally.


Cost is not only about license or subscription fees, it is also about all the externalities.

With your solutions and associated processes in place, what is the cost and the business impacts of installation, administration, maintenance, upgrades, training, knowledge keeping, vendor captivity, human errors, solutions redundancy, and so forth ?

With Saazle, you will save money on all these topics, and a lot of energy that will be better used to to grow your business.


Because your document automation processes are as critical as their client applications, you need them to be rock solid.

Coming from many years of experience in centralized output management systems for worldwide companies, Saazle solutions are built with the obsession of availability and performance, plus you don’t have to care about it, we do.

Who else than Saazle could better run Saazle solutions ?