About us

Get to know Saazle and the people behind

What we do

At Saazle we imagine, develop, and provide SaaS solutions to simplify document processing automation.

Today, our solution portfolio is made of :

SaazleLabels® : opening new ways of managing your label printing

SaazleTransform® : simplifying your life with everyday printing and Unicode

SaazleShipment® : making your documents synchronization and rule based bundling a breeze

We are actively working at enhancing these solutions and developing new ones. So if you need something special, don’t hesitate to ask, we will be happy to evaluate how it could translate into a new Saazle piece !

Why we do it

At Saazle we have the experience of how centralized output management solutions can benefits companies, especially the largest ones.

Meanwhile, we also know about all the associated challenges, from maintenance and upgrades to competencies management, frequently resulting in underused and outdated platforms, that nobody wants to be responsible for.

At Saazle we strongly believe we can reconcile powerful capabilities and ease of management, by introducing innovative cloud solutions, so we do, piece after piece.

« Making document automation and printing as simple as people think they are »

Where does Saazle
come from ?

Saazle solutions are coming from 20+ years of output management experience, with large and global companies.

At the origin of Saazle are software development engineers and output management consultants, who handled enterprise output management projects in many contexts. Doing so, they imagined and developed innovative ways of solving customer challenges, resulting in significant – sometimes massive – savings.

Now with Saazle, these solutions are made available in a standardized and supported way, without any adherence to the solution in place, and with the minimal integration effort ever.

Our ambition…

At Saazle, we want to simplify the life of business and IT departments for whatever relates to output management or document automation in general, not only with easy to use and maintenance-less solutions, but also with disruptive ways to face their technical and organizational challenges.

Making document automation and printing as simple as people think they are, reconciling powerful capabilities and easy management, this is Saazle ambition.