Use cases

Every customer has its own environment…
Need help about how can Saazle fit yours ?

Saazle with your
enterprise application

Saazle solutions can be consumed directly from your enterprise application.
Now, from your application you can generate PDF instead of proprietary label printer files, group documents together with no complex developments…

Saazle with your
enterprise output

If you have an enterprise output management solution in place, integrating Saazle solutions as part of it is a good idea.
Doing so, Saazle functionalities will be made available to all of the connected applications or application instances, with a single integration point.

Saazle from anywhere

Saazle solutions are available from anywhere, through a REST API over a secured HTTPS connection.
Whatever is your architecture, on-premise, cloud, or hybrid, with or without an output management layer, Saazle solutions can always be consumed, at any step of the document processing workflow.

Every customer has its own environment and needs…
Need help about how can Saazle fit yours ?

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